Lessons From The Life Of Marion Rosen

För: Documentary film

The documentary Lessons From The Life Of Marion Rosen

In this documentary Marion Rosen talks about her extraordinary life and experiences and about the Rosen Method bodywork. Marion Rosen is 96 years old. She fled the Nazis in 1938 to Sweden where she studied physical therapy. Then she moved to Berkeley and created the Rosen Method.

Find out why some people get rid of their pain while others have aching muscles for decades, why it feels so good when someone softly lays their hand upon you and what the mystery is behind the successful Rosen Method bodywork? Marion gives answer to all this and more. The Rosen Method is widely spread all over the world and has helped countless numbers of people to ease their pain and to release unconscious restrictions in their bodies.

The documentary is based on a series of interviews with Marion Rosen in her home in Berkeley, California made by Roger Dackegård.